Environmental Quality Laboratories, Inc. (Eqlab) has been committed with the environment since its beginning in 1982 by providing our clients with the analytical knowledge and tools they need to help protect our environment.


For over 25 years, Eqlab has been assisting companies in taking care of their environmental problems with a sense of responsibility that no other laboratory in Puerto Rico has. That is why more and more companies, in Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean constantly support us, by choosing our services to suit their environmental needs.


We provide the perfect combination of State of the Art Technology and Highly Trained Personnel consisting of: chemists, engineers, technicians, microbiologists and medical technologists, under a 29,000 sq. ft. Laboratory Facility. This diversity allows us to better serve all our clients by providing them with the latest advances in environmental techniques, monitoring services and orientation.



Field Equipment

  • Automatic Water / Wastewater Samplers

  • Bottom Sediment Samplers

  • Flow Meters and Recorders

  • Submersible Sampling Pumps

  • Well Water Level Meters

  • Bailers

  • Soil Samplers

  • Intelligent Rosette Open Ocean Sampler

  • Kemmerer Samplers

  • Bomb Samplers

  • Composite Liquid Waste Samplers (COLIWASA)

  • pH Meters

  • Dissolved Oxygen Meters

  • Residual Chlorine Meters

  • Salinity/Conductivity Meters

  • Turbidimeter

  • Oxygen Reduction Potential Meter

  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

  • Mobile Laboratory Unit


Laboratory Instrumentation

  • Semi‐Volatiles Gas Chromatographs (FID, ECD, MS)

  • Volatile Gas Chromatographs (ELCD, PID, MS)

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (Flame and Graphite Furnace)

  • Atomic Emission Spectrometer (ICP)

  • Cold Vapor Mercury Analyzers (AA, Fluorescence)

  • Flow Injection Analyzers (LACHAT)

  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC)

  • UV‐VS IR Spectrophotometers

  • Ion Chromatographs (IC)

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC)

  • Calorimeter (BTU)

  • Karl Fisher

  • Density Meter

  • Refractometer

  • Viscosimeter

  • Turbidimeter

  • Thermo System

  • Fluorescence Illumination Microscope

  • BBL Crystal

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