Environmental Quality Laboratories, Inc. (Eqlab) provides full environmental testing services to Industries, Consultants and Governmental Organizations in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Under one management, Eqlab provides the following services:


Field Sampling and Analysis

  • Water and Wastewater Sampling

  • Open Ocean Deep Water Sampling

  • Sediment Sampling

  • Deep Well Sampling

  • Soil Sampling

  • Composite Liquid Waste Sampling

  • pH

  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Residual Chlorine

  • Salinity

  • Specific Conductance

  • Flow Measurements

  • Turbidity

  • Oxygen Reduction Potential


Analytical Testing of Water and Wasterwater

  • EPA Compliance Monitoring (NPDES, RCRA, CERCLA, etc.)

  • EQB Compliance Monitoring (surface, ground, storm and sea waters)

  • PRASA Pretreatment Compliance Monitoring

  • DNR Groundwater Compliance Monitoring

  • UIC Underground Injection Compliance Monitoring

  • UST Underground Storage Tank Monitoring

  • DOH Drinking Water Compliance Monitoring

  • Effluent Guidelines

  • Estrogenic Hormones


Analytical Testing of Hazardous Waste and Materials

  • RCRA, CERCLA Compliance Monitoring

  • Hydrocarbons (GRO, DRO, ORO)

  • Alternative Fuels


Analytical Testing of Raw Materials, Purified Waters and Manufactured Products

  • Purified Water � USP Validation

  • Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

  • Finished Products

  • Estrogenic Hormones


Microbiological Analytical Testing

  • Drinking, Surface, Ground, Ocean, Waste and Purified Waters

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Identification of Microorganisms

  • Raw Material and Final Products

  • Industrial Hygiene

  • Legionella


State of the Art Mobile Laboratory

  • 301(h) and 403(c) Monitoring

  • Mixing Zone Validation

  • Treatability Studies

  • Remediation Emergencies


Analytical Tests & Methods

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